October 2017

Wisdom Recipes 4Life: Hope.

The word hope is described as an optimistic feeling or anticipation of good things to come. Pessimists refer to hope as being idealistic or unrealistic. Try for a minute to live your life without any hope.  You can compare life without hope to turning a vibrant, colorful photograph into a black and white picture right before your… Continue reading Wisdom Recipes 4Life: Hope.

September 2017

Wisdom Recipes 4Life: Insecurities & Confidence

The definition of insecurity is a lack of confidence or a lack of protection. Everybody has some level of insecurity; the goal is not allowing insecurities to keep you from participating in life. People of notoriety have credited their insecurities as the driving force of their success. Identifying and dealing with insecurities is the goal.… Continue reading Wisdom Recipes 4Life: Insecurities & Confidence

September 2017

Wisdom Recipes 4Life: Phases

Moving into a new phase of life, sometimes we try to bring things from the past with us. When one phase of life begins, it may call for needed endings. For instance, when a cocoon lays dormant to survive into the metamorphosis phase of becoming a butterfly, the butterfly must leave the cocoon behind. As… Continue reading Wisdom Recipes 4Life: Phases