September 2017

Wisdom Recipes 4Life: Phases


Moving into a new phase of life, sometimes we try to bring things from the past with us. When one phase of life begins, it may call for needed endings. For instance, when a cocoon lays dormant to survive into the metamorphosis phase of becoming a butterfly, the butterfly must leave the cocoon behind. As ending a new job to pursue something better or ending a relationship from the past, we physically must leave the old job behind, but also, we should depart from anything holding us back from succeeding in our current job or relationship. We as humans tend to hold onto trinkets linked to fond memories and sometimes painful ones as well. This is not necessarily unhealthy unless we are living in the past to avoid the present moment. Sometimes, facing an issue from the past is called for to move forward in life.

As the moon passes through phases, it does not ask the Sun or Earth for permission to do so. Compared to life, we will each go through phases in our life; however, the person that does not accept this fact will suffer considerably and remain stuck in a phase. Life will hold very little meaning for this type of person because he or she will succumb to the pressures of life without ever finding his or her life purpose. To this individual, life holds no purpose or meaning.


Consider the feeling of letting go of some painful memories of the past to adopt something new? Do you believe a weight will be lifted from your life? What if you end something holding you back, to pursue something better for your life? Personally, I have gone through a few new phases in the last five years. I had to identify healthy habits and relationships and discontinue unhealthy habits and relationships to move into a more vigorous phase of life.  The fluidity of life keeps moving; stagnation means less movement and accumulation of the things in life we find less desirable.

By assessing energy and time spent in conversations with people, people who consistently bring drama and negativity to the table, need to be dealt with, and either end the relationship or at least have little personal contact with such individuals. Assessing relationships have been beneficial, but not without some painful cost of letting go of a few relationships or at least redefining the relationship. According to research, trust is the primary contributor for a relationship to be successful. Trust is something that develops over time and without trust, is futile in a further development of the relationship.  If there are consistent drama and negativity in a relationship, chances are there is very little or no trust in the relationship.

Evaluation & Planning

In addition to assessing relationships, I had to evaluate how well I utilized my personal time. Reading inspirational books and visiting websites for research has helped me to move through a few phases in life. Accomplishing one major goal – getting a college degree has been beneficial in all areas of my life. Transitioning from one phase of life and beginning another will take challenging work and persistence.

So, how are we to move into one phase of life without bringing negative things of the past with us? By honestly evaluating our current situation and planning to take action. We must determine what other causes are related to staying in one phase of life and what we must do to enter a new phase. To achieve further progress, write out short and long-term goals. Another significant factor is to seek guidance from a counselor, life coach, reading books, and attend events on how to achieve successful transitions. A support system is essential, but you may find yourself outgrowing relationships, and therefore, a phase might be with fewer people in your life to focus on personal development. We also need to implement what we have learned, apply new strategies to our new phase, and evaluate progression or regression.

A New Phase of Life Process: Assessment, Evaluation, Planning, Action, Re-evaluation, & Modifications

Therefore, by moving into a new phase of life will require necessary endings. If we carried everything into a new phase of life, we would not be allowed to reap the benefits of starting anew. Once again, the butterfly must leave the cocoon to take flight. As human beings, we must accept endings as part of the process of moving out of one phase of life into another. To begin a new phase in life, consider the following: appraise your current position, identify habits and relationships, gear up and write out short and long-term goals (planning), take action, re-evaluate each step taken, and make modifications to make your new phase of life a success.


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